steel structure construction

Steel Structure Construction

Steel structure construction process involves many complex processes and key links, it require strict quality control to ensure construction safety and quality.
Steel building quality control

Steel Building Quality Control

Steel building quality control is a series of measures and methods to ensure steel buildings meet specific standards during design, construction, use stages.
life of steel structure buildings

How to prolong the service life of steel structure buildings?

The quality and service life of steel structure buildings depends on good quality material, welding quality, anti-corrosion, fire protection, and maintenance.
steel structure floor deck

How to Choose the Steel Structure Floor Deck?

Steel structure floor deck is used in steel buildings with more than two floors, when the building adds a mezzanine or the floor of a multi-story building.
steel structure building construction

How to Process the Steel Structure Building Construction

Steel structure building construction involves laying the foundation, erecting primary and secondary structures, installing roof, wall, trim and flashing.
steel structure building design

Expert Tips for Optimizing Steel Usage in Your Next Steel Building Project

Optimizing the steel used in steel structure building design is essential to save costs while ensuring the structure's safety, stability, and sustainability.
steel structure building cost

Steel Structure Building Cost

The factors affecting the Steel structure building cost include the materials cost, building size, Structural, roof and wall price, location and accessories.
steel structure information

Steel Structure Information

Steel Structure Information describes the design, fabrication, and erection processes for metal structure, it become prevalent in construction industry.
Steel Structure Workshop Building

Steel Structure Workshop Building

The characteristics of steel structure workshop building are that their construction time is short, and good seismic performance and strong bearing capacity