Steel Building Trim

Steel Building Trim parts mainly use for waterproofing. Generally, it refers to the colored steel folding parts of the door, window, corner, eaves, and other parts of the steel structure warehouse building.

Main effects of the Steel Building Trim

1. It is preventing rain leakage; 2. It is the decoration of the Metal Building.

steel building trim

The type of trim and flashing:

Base Trim: It is at the wall panel that joins the brick wall or foundation.

Gable trim: It arrange at the gable eaves, where the roof panel and wall panel overlap to prevent rainwater from seeping into the steel structure from the overlap seam, and at the same time, it has a decorative effect.

Roof ridge cap: At the highest point of the ridge, where the two roof panels overlap, it is used to buckle the peak, and the two roof slopes meet to prevent rainwater from entering the room.

Gutter: A necessary component in the roof drainage system. The gutter channel is mainly used to temporarily collect rainwater and drain it in time through a downspout.

Door Trim: it fixed on the beam at the top of the rolling door, or on the side door post, covering the wall panel to play a decorative role.

Window trim: it fixed on the window frame, mainly for decorative purposes.