Flat pack container house-unchanged quality meets ever-changing needs

Flat pack house, also known as prefabricated box houses, have good mobility, fast deployment, and strong environmental adaptability. The combined use can assist in the rapid establishment of integrated buildings such as shelter hospitals and isolation points.

They are widely used and can be derived into: rapid test shelter laboratories, antigen detection laboratories, shelter auxiliary rooms (specimen receiving rooms, dressing rooms, consumables warehouses), sampling points, new crown sentinel workstations, negative pressure wards, laboratories, operating rooms, etc.

The flat pack house is a movable and reusable building product. The house is the basic unit, the main frame is made of steel or thin-walled steel, and the enclosure materials are all non-combustible materials. The interior and exterior decoration and circuit layout of the container-type house are all processed and completed in the factory.

The length, width and height of this type of house are fixed dimensions, and can be designed into a fixed functional layout according to needs. The functional houses can be flexibly combined to make it a standardized product, mass-produced, highly integrated, and no secondary decoration is required on site. It can be moved in after being hoisted and placed.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the overall medical treatment of the outbreak went smoothly. After the release of the ninth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, various places adopted a classified treatment method for cases, which further highlighted scientific accuracy. At present, various places basically adopted the construction of cabin hospitals and isolation points to treat and isolate mild cases and asymptomatic infections.

Antigen testing laboratories are convenient, durable, and adaptable. They are not restricted by site or region, and can effectively solve the working environment of medical staff, making it convenient for the public to complete antigen testing as soon as possible, obtain reliable test results as early as possible, and achieve timely medical treatment.

The flat pack container house can also be used as auxiliary rooms for mobile cabins, such as specimen receiving rooms, changing rooms, consumables warehouses, etc., which effectively expands the use space of the mobile cabins and truly solves the problem of space usage from raw materials to waste, greatly reducing the time of testing and making it more convenient.

As a supplier of temporary construction industry, flat pack container house has always used green and environmentally friendly design concepts to make temporary construction spaces safer, more comfortable and more practical, and innovate unique high-tech.

The main structure of the flat pack container housing unit adopts a steel frame structure, a formaldehyde-free substrate and environmentally friendly finishing materials. The house are connected by bolts. The structure is simple, the installation is convenient and quick, and you can move in immediately after installation.

No wet work and no on-site waste, eliminating the common air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and other problems in the traditional construction industry.

The factory has high production precision, less material waste, and the base structure materials can be recycled and reused, which can reduce the generation of construction waste.

The materials used in the packing container room meet the relevant national requirements, are strong, earthquake-resistant, Class A fireproof, quick to assemble and low in transportation cost.

According to the functional requirements, the space design is carried out reasonably on the basis of basic modules, and they are combined “as desired” to meet various requirements of space and shape.

The service life of the packing container house can reach more than 15 years, and it can be recycled and reused, which is especially suitable for secondary demolition of the project.

It adopts advanced modular design and takes the cabinet as the basic unit. It can be used alone or through different combinations in horizontal and vertical directions to form a spacious use space.

The construction system is fully industrialized, equipped with a complete supply chain management system and a professional logistics and installation service system. It provides customers with a full range of temporary housing solutions. It can provide you with one-stop services such as design, production, and installation, leading the upgrade of integrated residential products.

The five service processes we provide

  1. On-site inspection – conduct on-site evaluation of the site and installation space, and make feasible suggestions based on customer needs.
  1. Scheme design – provide basic drawings, floor plans, 3D renderings and other scheme designs according to customer needs.
  1. Customized production – customized production according to the scheme design confirmed by the customer.
  1. Transportation and installation – transport to the site according to the customer’s entry time requirements, and complete the installation according to the construction requirements.
  1. After-sales service – provide corresponding supporting services according to the customer’s personalized requirements, tracking maintenance, and 24-hour repair services.

We provide our customers with: high-end quality with meticulous workmanship and durability; a one-stop service that provides a complete set of materials, installation, transportation, and quick implementation; personalized customization for different scenarios, comprehensive after-sales and other professional services.

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