Steel buildings usually obtained in two ways. The first is to find a general contractor to do all the work, including foundation work, steel structure procurement, and installation. The other is works with us to order a DIY steel building. The cost of the former absolutely will be much high, because the contractor will add commission and management fees. Still, if you purchase steel structures directly from us, our teams will design according to your requirements and dimensions, save a lot of money, and you will have more experience for a DIY steel building in the future.

The wise customers will choose the second option because no one is willing to pay extra money to buy the same product.

Construction of the foundation

We recommend that you find a local civil contractor company for the foundation. We will provide detailed foundation design drawings. The contractor can carry out construction according to our plan. If you do not have a professional installation team, then the steel structure installation, we also recommended that you work with your local contractor, who can help you complete the installation correctly. Purchasing steel structures directly with manufacturers can reduce costs by more than 30%. Steel structure companies work closely with local contractors to ensure that your building is completed and put into use in advance.


Prefabricated steel structure

All the components of metal buildings are ready-to-assemble, which manufacture at our factory. Our workshop has an advanced steel structure production line. All equipment computerized Numerical Controlled to ensure processing accuracy. And before each component leaves the factory, the quality inspection will check the size of each part to ensure the smooth installation.

We can provide a full set of accessories, including self-tapping screws, downspouts, roller shutter doors, aluminum alloy windows, which reduce your time and save the overall costs.


If you plan to build a steel structure building for yourself, please contact us, we genuinely hope our prefabricated steel structure building can Serve for your life and business.