How many points that affect metal warehouse building cost

At present, many industrial warehouses buildings use pre-engineered steel structure buildings. Compared with traditional warehouses, steel structure warehouses are superior to traditional buildings in terms of construction time and quality. And 90% of metal structure warehouse building components reused. It also has great significance in environmental protection. The main reason is that the metal structure warehouse building cost is relatively low. Therefore, it has been recognized by many customers. So, what are the components of the cost of steel structure workshops? There are several points that affect the price of metal structure warehouse buildings.

The factor that affected the cost

1.The size of the building area is the most essential influence. The large area requires more steel, and the cost of the steel structure warehouse is relatively high. The width determines the area and is also closely related to the structure of the warehouse building design.

2.The height of the building, according to actual needs, every 10cm of height increases the cost by 2% to 3%.

3. The enclosed system, the number of doors and windows, the materials of roof panels and wall panels are all factors that affect prices.

4. Structural design, installation time, use and other related factors of the warehouse building.

metal warehouse building cost

5.The prices of raw materials. Steel is more affected by market fluctuations. During the busy period of the construction industry, the amount of steel used is large, so the prices of steel are also high. In recent years, due to the impact of environmental protection, the price of steel in China has increased significantly.

6. The amount of steel used directly affects the price of steel structure buildings. Therefore, the price of a heavy steel workshop building is higher than that of the light steel structure workshop.

7. With or without a crane, the lifting capacity of crane also needs to carefully consider. If the lifting capacity selected is too large, it will cause a waste of equipment, which is too small to meet the needs of using.

Finally, technical cost often becomes another factor that affects the cost of metal structure warehouse.