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How to show the light and charm of Steel Structure

In the design of steel building, innovation of structure program is first and further optimize the structure
is second , both of them should be based on mechanical criteria, structure theory, the aim of reducing the amount of
steel structures and reduce Comprehensive cost. In this re-emphasized: the design is the absolute principle,what is the absolute principle?
It is steel structure engineer use the mechanics criterion to choose the correct choice, if the large span roof structure choose the wrong choice of moment structure, the so-called optimization useless.
Therefore, the design quality of engineer for the spatial structure of large span roof should be reflected in the
following two steps.
Step 1: Reduce materials of large span roof structure hanging over head ;
Step 2: Reduce the edge member material.
The most simple structure is often the best structure. Concise creative component layout, power transmission line stub
of miniaturized nodes, etc., in order to show lightness and charm of modern steel structures.
In order to achieve the lightest structural steel, structural engineers must play mechanics wisdom selection structure,
large span roof structure in the selection, we should strive to choose innovative roof space structure of the program,
namely axial force structure of the program, and do the possible use of modern control technology to achieve a minimum amount
of steel structures, the most refined construction, seismic performance optimal. The ultimate realization of structural
engineers design the highest state level: structural philosophy – less cost multi-purpose, namely to provide maximum carrying
capacity with minimal structural vector system.