Metal Workshop Building

Metal Workshop Building

Metal Workshop Building

The cost of a metal workshop building is usually lower than a standard building. The construction process of prefabricated steel structures is generally not affected by delays such as conventional construction. Since the building needs to assemble, there are hardly any unexpected cost increases. Besides, almost anyone can build and erect these buildings, thus reducing labor costs and saving time.

The metal workshop building quickly assembled. Construction of a typical building takes at least several months to complete. Metal Workshop building is very fast and easy to install. The drilling, cutting, and welding performed at the production site. There is only construction work on the project site, save the construction time.

Features of Metal Workshop Building

(1) The internal space of the metal structure workshop is relatively large. It can meet the needs of placing large-sized and heavier equipment in the building to produce heavy products, which can meet the needs of different types of production and constitute a larger space.

(2) The structural components of the factory building have sufficient bearing capacity. Because industrial products are more substantial and larger dimensions. Therefore, the load acting on the structure of the factory building, the span and height of the factory building are often relatively large and are often affected by the capacity from the crane, power machinery and equipment.

(3) Metal Workshop often adopts standardized production. All constructions completed in the factory. All dimensions are strictly following the requirements of processing drawings to meet the needs of on-site installation.

The advantages:

1. Metal structure building has lightweight, high strength, and a large span.

2. The construction period of the Metal structure Workshop is short, which reduces the investment cost accordingly.

3. Prefabricated Metal Building has high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

4. Steel structure buildings are easy to move, and they recycled without pollution.

BrandHavit SteelStructural TypePortal Frame Structure
Materials SpecsQ345B and Q235BCalculated LoadWind Load,Snow Load
AdvantageFlexible design and quickly installationService Life50years
HS Code9406000090Loading40ft Open top Container or 40ft High Cube Container