Prefab Steel Poultry Building

prefab steel poultry building

Prefab Steel Poultry Building

With the development of agriculture, poultry farming is becoming more and more modern and standardized. Prefab steel poultry building is the first choice for more and more farmers. Because this structure uses the H-shaped steel frame, it is not only stable and durable but also fast in construction and low in cost. Besides, the use of color steel sandwich panels as insulation materials can effectively heat insulation.

Poultry farm that can equip with modern chicken equipment, which includes the automatic feeding system, air fan, and egg picking system. This steel structure building can use as a poultry farm, such as chickens, ducks, and others.

At the same time, to ensure the humidity, light, and constant temperature required for the healthy growth of the chicken, a fan is installed inside the chicken house, the skylight install on the top, and wet curtains install around the chicken house.

Humidity is corrosive to steel, so our H-beam is coated with anticorrosive paint multiple times or hot-dip galvanized to increase the corrosion resistance of the material and extend the life of the house.


The advantages:

1. The steel structure is light. Although the bulk density of a steel structure is more significant, its strength is much higher than that of other building materials. Therefore, when the load and conditions are the same, the steel structure is lighter than other building materials, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

2. The plasticity and toughness of steel are good. The flexibility is excellent so that the prefab steel poultry building is generally not suddenly broken and damaged due to accidental or local overload. Good toughness makes the steel structure adaptable to dynamic loads. These properties of steel provide a sufficient guarantee for the safety and reliability of steel structures.

3. Steel is closer to a homogeneous and isotropic body. The internal structure of the metal is relatively uniform, very close to a seamless and isotropic body, and is almost entirely elastic within a specific stress range. These properties are in line with the assumptions in the mechanical calculations, so the calculation results of the steel structure are more in line with the actual stress situation.

4. The steel structure is simple to manufacture, easy to adopt industrial production, and the construction and installation cycle is short. The steel structure is composed of various profiles. It is easy to assemble — a large number of steel structures manufactured in specialized metal structure manufacturing plants; The finished components are transported to the site for assembly, bolted, and light in architecture, so the construction is convenient, and the construction cycle is short. Besides, the built steel structure is also easy to disassemble, strengthen, or modify.

5. The construction speed of prefab steel poultry building is fast, and the construction period is at least one-third shorter than that of the traditional residential system so that the overall cost can reduce. The total cost can decrease by 5%. Speed up capital turnover and significantly improve investment benefits.


BrandHavit SteelStructural TypePortal Frame Structure
Materials SpecsQ345B and Q235BCalculated LoadWind Load,Snow Load
AdvantageFlexible design and quickly installationService Life50years
HS Code9406000090Loading40ft Open top Container or 40ft High Cube Container