Steel Structure Barn Building

steel structure barn building

Steel Structure Barn Building

Steel structure barn building is an agricultural building that is mainly located on a farm and has a variety of uses, especially for storing crops and as a housing for livestock or types of agricultural machinery. It can put farmers’ backlogs and prepare to store food, prevent food from getting wet and wet, and prevent various pests And other effects — initially, barn buildings built with concrete or wooden structures.

In recent years, with the development of steel structure buildings, more and more farmers have adopted steel structure barn building because steel structures have low cost, simple construction, and fast installation. Save labor costs and other advantages.


The steel structure barn building made of prefabricated materials, with various functions, and steel is a high-strength construction material, which can ensure the strength and durability, and prevent the items stored inside from being affected and damaged by severe weather. The design of the barn is flexible, and the size is unlimited. You can customize the size according to the size of your farm and the number of items stacked. Our team can provide personalized services, which include the color of roof and wall cladding, the quantity and type of roll-up doors or sliding doors, different types of windows, and small entries can add for your convenience.


The advantages:

1. Steel has a reasonable structure, lightweight, high strength, and has an excellent seismic effect.

2. The steel can be recycled, and there is no pollution during the construction process, which meets environmental protection requirements.

3. All steel components processed in the factory. The quality inspection strictly checks the dimensions of the steel components. The machining accuracy is high, which can ensure the smooth construction on site.

4. The steel structure has a lightweight and low foundation costs.

BrandHavit SteelStructural TypePortal Frame Structure
Materials SpecsQ345B and Q235BCalculated LoadWind Load,Snow Load
AdvantageFlexible design and quickly installationService Life50years
HS Code9406000090Loading40ft Open top Container or 40ft High Cube Container