Steel Structure Garage Building

steel structure garage building

Steel Structure Garage Building

The steel structure garage building is an enclosed structure made of steel. You can customize any size garage. Our designed steel structure garage is safe enough to protect your cars and goods from bad weather. The steel structure garage can meet your needs. A variety of requirements, and durable, the main structure has a service life of more than 50 years. We can offer many choices for you to make the customized garage building and with a unique design, such as the different color of the wall and roof sheet, the type of the window, and roller up door.

The steel structure garage can meet the needs of different projects. From Commercial: It can use as a studio, auto repair shop, to Industrial: It can use as a small warehouse or production workshop, to Agricultural it can use as a barn to shelter small agricultural machinery and equipment.


Garages designed and manufactured from steel structures have the following advantages:

1. Short construction cycle:

The most significant advantage of the steel structure garage building is that all components can be spliced and installed at the factory, and the general garage can erect in about two months.

2. Good comprehensive economic benefits:

1) Due to the short construction period, it can be put into use in advance and obtain investment benefits in advance;

2) Because the colorful colored profiled steel plate use, it is beautiful and gorgeous, which improves the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment;

3) Because the building itself is light in weight, pile foundation is generally not needed, which can save investment;

4) Insulation can add on the roof and wall to make the sound effect of insulation, and partitions 

3. Good seismic performance

Because the steel structure garage building is flexible and has a low weight, it can effectively reduce the degree of earthquake response and disaster impact, which is exceptionally beneficial to earthquake resistance.

4. Suitable for demolition and relocation

Once the owner is dissatisfied with the built site or unexpected changes occur in the external environment, the entire building can demolish in a short period with minimal losses, all of which are not available in reinforced concrete structures.

BrandHavit SteelStructural TypePortal Frame Structure
Materials SpecsQ345B and Q235BCalculated LoadWind Load,Snow Load
AdvantageFlexible design and quickly installationService Life50years
HS Code9406000090Loading40ft Open top Container or 40ft High Cube Container