Steel Structure Office Building

steel structure office building

Steel Structure Office Building 

Steel structure office building is more environmentally friendly than concrete office buildings, and they are more energy-efficient. The components of the office building proceed at the factory and then transported to the site for assembly. The construction not only saves water and electricity, reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the environmental impact of development. There is no dust in the construction process, which will not affect the normal life of the surrounding residents.

After the steel structure office building complete, today’s wall materials can be more selective. If you choose thermal insulation wall materials, the use of the office building will have better energy saving and reduce the use of air conditioning. Reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the reduction of global warming.


Steel structure office buildings are more land-saving than ordinary office buildings. 

The wall materials of the office building are not as thick as the reinforced concrete wall. Therefore, the metal office building will occupy less private area than ordinary office buildings. Then it will increase the land utilization rate and increase the interior activity space. 

The metal office buildings have higher resource utilization than ordinary office buildings and can effectively reduce the generation of construction waste. As we all know, the building materials of ordinary concrete office buildings are mainly steel bars, sandstones, red bricks, and cement. Among them, except for steel bars, which are recyclable building materials, the rest cannot be reused, resulting in excessive waste of resources. The steel used in the main steel structure of the steel structure office building is not only 100% recyclable, but also one of the sources of national steel reserves.


The advantages:

1. Steel structure building has excellent structural performance, lightweight, high strength and excellent seismic performance;

2. All steel materials of steel structure office buildings can be recycled and reused, which is more energy-saving and environmental protection than concrete structure buildings;

3. Processing in the factory, the quality of the steel structure office building is more guaranteed;

4. The steel structure of the office building is light in weight, and its base cost is relatively low;

5. When construction is performed on-site, the overall construction period is shorter than that of concrete buildings;

6. There is no wet work in the construction site, and environmental pollution such as dust and sewage will not generate;

7. Steel structural office building components have a small cross-section, thin supporting columns, and thin walls, but the overall usable area of the building is massive.

BrandHavit SteelStructural TypePortal Frame Structure
Materials SpecsQ345B and Q235BCalculated LoadWind Load,Snow Load
AdvantageFlexible design and quickly installationService Life50years
HS Code9406000090Loading40ft Open top Container or 40ft High Cube Container