First, we need to clarify what is steel structure floor deck and what buildings will use a floor deck. Many people are unfamiliar with building materials; we briefly introduce them here. The floor deck is used in steel structure buildings with more than two floors of steel structure; when the building adds a mezzanine or the floor of a multi-story building, the floor deck is used. The floor deck is a steel plate used to support the floor’s concrete by pressing and forming and is usually nailed to the steel beam with welding nails to play a supporting role. It can quickly adapt to the needs of rapid construction of steel structures and provide stable work platforms in a short period.

The application of steel structure floor deck has been over 30 years in our country and is often used in the industry. The application of floor decks dramatically improves the quality, time, and construction period and has low cost and energy savings. In addition, environmental protection can significantly improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs.

So how to choose the floor deck of the steel structure building? As we all know, the key to the overall quality of a project lies in the building materials used; the quality of the material itself and the accuracy of material selection are essential. The floor deck’s style, model, thickness, etc., differ. Is the thicker and more expensive, the better?

steel structure floor deck

The choice of steel structure floor deck is mainly based on the following aspects:

1. Load-bearing capacity: 

The floor deck needs to be able to bear the weight and load of the floor. First, it is necessary to calculate the floor’s design and service load to determine the slab’s load-bearing capacity. In general, the load-bearing power of the floor slab should be higher than the actual load to ensure safety.

2. Classification of floor slabs: 

The types of floor slabs include open, closed, and reinforced truss slabs. The relatively economical one is the available type, the one with high aesthetics is the closed type, and the one with the highest comprehensive evaluation and utilization rate is the reinforced truss floor deck. Therefore, choose different floor decks; the cost will be cheaper if the utilization rate is high.

3. Thickness of the steel structure floor deck: 

Some minor construction customers may choose a thinner floor deck because, considering the economy, the engineering load is not large, and the space utilization rate can also be increased. However, for floors with equipment floors or relatively large loads and large-scale steel structure projects, choosing a large-thickness floor slab is necessary to meet the construction load and later use the bag.

steel structure floor deck

4. Steel structure floor deck material: 

The material strength of the floor deck is also an important consideration. Generally, the steel structure floor deck will use high-strength materials such as Q345B or Q235B steel plates to ensure sufficient strength and rigidity.

5. Other needs or particular purposes: 

If the customer has different requirements, such as fire prevention, moisture resistance, durability, the area and environment of the project, construction use, and other conditions, provide suitable floor decks according to the needs.

To sum up, the choice of floor deck is not as thick as possible. It should be designed and selected according to the project’s specific conditions and customers’ needs to ensure that the floor deck has sufficient safety and reliability. It is recommended to consult a professional engineer or steel structure fabricator for more accurate and reliable advice.