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Huge market potential of China’s heavy steel structure

Currently ,China Steel Structure and Heavy steel structure widely used in bridges, high-rise buildings, factories, airports, railway stations, bus stations, stadiums and other buildings only take 20years.The United States, Japan, Russia and other Western countries has been a century ,technology and application of steel Structure and Heavy steel structures is an important indicator of a country’s inspection modernization.
Steel Structure and Heavy Steel Structure application and popularization, directly contributed to the rapid development of the national steel industry, production skyrocketed; directly change the traditional architectural structure, improve construction speed; directly improve the construction environment, environmental protection is assured. Since China has the architectural design of steel structures, construction steel welding procedures, construction steel acceptance of a set of very mature technologies such as specifications, safety factor and heavy steel construction steel is higher than that of traditional brick buildings; due particularity of steel, for the shape change and the exterior design of building structures, creating a lot of development, creating a huge space.
Ten years ago, China’s major steel works in all kinds of plant construction market has significant limitations; while the past decade, China’s steel structure technology has been greatly improved, on the basis of light steel structure, stride entered the ranks of heavy steel structure fabrication and installation. Bridges, stadiums, high-rise buildings, etc., have applied heavy steel technology and features, perfect display in luxurious city.
Development and application of heavy-duty steel steel industry is a major breakthrough in technology, but also China’s steel production technology and production processes maturity. Heavy-duty steel construction technology mainly characterized by light weight, high strength, large span building levels high, fast construction, better safety performance, look more beautiful.
Heavy steel structure contribution to our society economy is enormous. First, it is based on promoting the rapid development of the steel industry, driven by the common progress and development of multi-national multi-industry areas; due to the widespread application of heavy-duty steel construction, steel, chemicals, machinery, welding, electricity, finance, trade, construction, transportation, environmental, commercial, electrical, military, aerospace, industrial gas, industrial park development, rural surplus labor, etc., has been a huge development. Heavy steel scientific applications and progress for our continued growth in GDP of nearly twenty years has made important contributions, while it has also become a vital force in China since the reform and opening up of new industries and the main force in China’s industrial development on the road, playing an increasingly important role.
Currently China is the largest country in the largest body building and steel production in the world, while China’s bridge construction, high-rise buildings, steel structure housing, etc., and there is a big gap between the developed countries. The main reason is the cause of the later development of steel structure , heavy steel structure of the new technologies, new processes to be learning, mastery and innovation. As the main venue for the Beijing Olympics “Bird’s Nest”, which appeared in many process problems throughout the construction process, through the efforts of technicians and experts to explore, to capture those world problems, summarize and create a another new world processes, new technologies, new methods for our manufacturing and installation of heavy-duty steel provides a landmark experience. So, because of the gap between China and developed countries in the development of time, because of our innovative technologies and processes steel and mature, because of China’s reform and opening up with only 30 years, China’s heavy-duty steel structure with a huge development more space and huge market space.