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Steel structure technology to develop the steel structure housing will greatly benefit

As in the domestic large-scale steel structure technology gained popularity, the benefit of the steel structure housing will get better benefit.
Currently in China , residential has exhibited multiple technology system of industrialization, in all of the technical system, doubtless, industrial steel structure residential construction industry is the most important part is the realization of the steel structure housing industrialization, one of the most effective structure of steel structure residence has the advantages of various security, a light weight material ductility of steel structure Good toughness characteristics, reduce the earthquake damage to the building structure, its does not bearing wall, can be widely used new type of composite wall panel light wall materials, such as the steel structure housing is convenient, residential steel steel column and wall panel, the component such as the heat shield, caigang watts, anti-corrosion and other mass prefabrication in the factory, the ministry of construction product can realize industrialized production, adopts the mechanized assembly installed on site Make residential building higher quality and better precision steel structure residential construction.

Steel structure residential good environmental , the steel structure components can be recycled use again, in the whole life cycle of buildings can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, steel structure construction site error is small, reduce dust noise pollution, water saving, material saving, comfortable and beautiful, the steel structure housing can achieve superior heat preservation and heat insulation and sound performance, improve the quality of the steel structure housing and comfort, effectively increase the use of building area, in addition, the steel structure housing design flexible, users can according to their own requirements to reform.

Steel structure technology in our country has entered a new stage of development, the domestic steel supply is adequate, the promotion of development of steel structure residence has had the better material and technical conditions, as in the domestic large-scale steel structure technology popularization, the steel structure housing will get the better efficiency

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