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Steel Structure: The practice of Chinese residential new ideas

In recent years, China has strongly advocated the development of energy-saving residences, and constantly improve the technological content of residential products. According to the domestic authority of the expert analysis, China residential industry over the next 20 years is still in the period of rapid growth and 25% of China’s housing prices will come from upgrading the technological content. Steel structure residential buildings with its unique seismic capability, construction quickly, get room rate and other advantages fit the green residential requirements. At present, China steel output ranks The First in the world and the country has gradually adjust policies to encourage the development of Steel structure residential buildings , the condition of our country is ripe to develop steel structure, steel structure is entering a golden age of development.

Steel structure residential buildings – high utilization of green building .

Known as the green building Steel structure residential buildings rid of sand lime brick and other building materials production and destruction and impact on the environment, construction waste, construction noise are reduced to a minimum, high seismic performance, easy alterations and demolition, recycling materials and re-utilization, is the man in harmony with nature for sustainable development “green industry.”

According to statistics, Steel structure residential buildings applications is very common in developed countries, reaching a total construction area of ​​40% percent. In China, Steel structure residential buildings still in its infancy, although has made nearly 300 million square meters of building test, but the overall level of development is not high, generally remain in the traditional system plus cast steel plates and structural block wall system stage, no substantive breakthrough. Especially in the domestic Steel structure residential buildings industry R & D unit of the enterprise a lot, but often focus on a certain part of the heavy steel structure.

Steel structure residential buildings – environmentally building

Steel structure residential building is an environmentally building. A 24-story building, the use of concrete building, its pillar side length of about 1 m; using steel structure construction, safety standards under the premise of optimizing and fine design, the pillar side length of 0.5 meters, the entire cross-section only a quarter of the former. Optimize space, reduce the cost, the latter are superior to the former.

Steel structure residential buildings lower cost, one thirdof same size concrete building ; quick construction, construction time is two-thirds of the concrete building; good insulation, thermal insulation, shock effect, can increase the usable area ratio of 5% to 8%.

Steel structure residential building industry advantage gradually reflected and play out, this is a sunrise industry and “green home” project.