The characteristics of steel structure workshop building are that their construction time is relatively short, and they have the advantages of good seismic performance and strong bearing capacity. Therefore, steel structures are widely used in the construction of workshops. However, steel structures also have problems such as low fire resistance and susceptibility to corrosion due to external environmental influences.

Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the advantages and disadvantages of steel structure when designing, and give full play to the benefits and value of the steel structure.

steel structure

At this stage, the steel structure workshop mainly includes heavy steel structure workshop and light steel structure workshop. The former provides steelmaking and steel rolling workshops. Large-tonnage cranes are required to be installed inside. The workshops often have to withstand greater forces. The latter generally adopts portal steel frame structure, which has the advantages of fast construction, lightweight, and low cost, and is widely used in the construction of industrial plants.

Advantages of steel structure

The steel structure material has high strength and is lightweight.

The density ratio to the strength of steel can determine the weight. Under the same load and restraint conditions, the self-weight of the steel structure is much smaller than that of reinforced concrete. Compare the steel and reinforced concrete roof trusses with the same span and load. The former is about 2/3 to 3/4 lighter than the latter, and if lighter thin-walled steel is used, it is lighter, 9/10 lighter than the latter. The lightweight of structure can not only reduce transportation costs but also reduce lifting costs.

The steel structure has high industrial production, and the construction period is relatively short.

The steel structure is produced in a factory and can be manufactured mechanized. The steel structure adopts the construction method of factory processing and site installation. It shortens the construction period and reduces the project cost, thereby improving economic benefits.

The seismic performance of the steel structure is better.

In an earthquake, the lightest damage is the steel structure. It is due to the relatively light weight of the steel structure and the somewhat flexible structure system. Concrete buildings are prone to cracking and crushing collapse when an earthquake occurs. Steel structure building is different because its ductility can reduce the destructive power of earthquakes on the building. The flexible frame composed of steel beams and columns is sufficient to resist earthquakes of over 8 degrees, so it is widely used in seismic fortification areas, and incredibly strong earthquake areas.

steel structure

The steel structure meets the requirements of the sustainable development of green buildings.

The steel structure can rationally use resources and energy, has less environmental pollution, and is a green building.
The concrete construction site will generate a lot of dust and noise. The steel structure does not need to use sand, gravel, cement, and other bulk materials to avoid dust, waste accumulation, and noise pollution, which effectively reduces construction waste.

The material of the steel structure is steel, which can be fully recycled, in line with the sustainable development requirements. In buildings of the same scale, the emissions of harmful gases produced during steel structure construction are only about 65% of that of concrete structures. The construction process has low energy consumption and superior thermal insulation performance, which has obvious advantages in reducing residential carbon emissions.

Characteristics of steel structure workshop building:

The steel structure workshop is lightweight

The importance of the steel structure is only 1/5 of that of the brick-concrete system.
Steel structure workshop building has a large span and large space. Under proper structural planning, the distance between the longitudinal column can reach 20m.

The steel structure workshop has good seismic resistance and impact resistance.

The steel structure workshop has good overall rigidity and strong deformability. Steel structure has been recognized as the most suitable structure for seismic fortification areas, incredibly strong earthquake areas.
Steel structure workshop has high fire resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high sealing performance.
For example, steel structure workshop can be used in cold storage, chemical plants, etc.
Steel structure factory building is convenient for demolition, 100% recycling, and relatively little damage to the environment. It is a green building.

Steel Structure Workshop Building

Steel structure factory building has a high degree of industrialization and can be quickly installed in a standard assembly line.

All steel structure components are manufactured in the factory, and the simple assembly can significantly shorten the construction period on site. A steel structure industrial factory building of 5000 square meters can be basically installed in only 40 days.
Steel structure occupies a small area, and the use area is large. The cross-sectional area of ​​the steel structure column is about 1/2 of that of the concrete structure column, which effectively increases the use area of ​​the building.
Prefab steel workshop is easy to transform during the use process, such as reinforcement, height connection, partition, and other internal divisions, adjustment is relatively easy, flexible, and convenient.