Steel Warehouse Building

Steel warehouse building better than concrete

With the development of e-commerce business, more and more owners need to build a warehouse building to store products sold in online stores. At present, steel warehouse building has replaced traditional concrete buildings.

The steel structure has the advantages of a lightweight, excellent seismic performance, a high degree of industrial production, fast construction speed, beautiful building shape, favorable environmental protection, and ample space. The Ministry of Construction calls it a reusable and environmentally friendly green building. In today’s increasingly tight sand and stone resources, the advantages of steel structure warehouse are becoming more and more apparent.



Although the price of steel is relatively high, if you consider the overall cost from the start of the project to the final delivery, the steel structure warehouse will save costs and time than other materials. The steel structure installs faster than concrete and wooden structures.

Steel Structure for warehouse, which manufacture at the factory, and the installation of Prefabricate Steel Structure Warehouse not affected by bad weather, the project can continue under any weather conditions. And the shortening of the construction period can reduce the cost of building materials and personnel.

In terms of house maintenance and reconstruction, structural steel parts such as steel columns and metal shells can easily dismantle, replaced, and repaired. In addition to workers familiar with the installation of steel structures, no other specialized skilled workers required, nor do they need special equipment.

The components of Metal Warehouse Building are light in weight and relatively low in bearing capacity requirements, which saves building materials. Steel can be recycled and reused. Compared with wooden structures, it is economical and environmentally friendly.


If your current budget is limited, you do n’t need to consider the need for more space for stockpiling goods in the future, because light steel structure warehouse buildings are natural to expand later, and the length and width can increase. , Unlimited size.

The steel warehouse kit can provide you with ample space for internal use, and the inner pillar does not need to be designed as a clear span, thereby creating an open space to meet the requirements of cargo storage.

Energy efficiency

Steel structure buildings can adapt to climatic conditions in different places. Roofing and wall cladding can be equipped with thermal insulation materials to keep heat and cold air inside, minimizing the energy consumption of thermal energy and cold storage systems, thereby saving energy.

Environmental friendly

The use of steel structures can significantly reduce the use of concrete and bricks and tiles and is conducive to environmental protection. It is also the current development trend of buildings. After the end of the service life of the steel building, the removal of solid waste from steel structures is less, and the price of waste steel resources is high. From the current point of view, steel structure building is one of the arrangements with the least impact on the urban environment, so it is called the green building, and it is also the target of political support and development.

In recent years, China’s steel structure has developed rapidly. And the thermal insulation materials, skylight sheet, window and door, and other products that supporting steel structures that have also increased, and product quality have continued to improve, which fit the needs of steel buildings.