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Suggestions of the developing steel structure industry

With the development of social economy, the development of the whole society is inseparable from the steel structure. Steel structure industry has occupied the important position, for the development of construction steel structure industry there are several suggestion that the industry is to give full consideration.
1.Establish scientific market operation mechanism, effectively promote the development of steel structure industry.
2.Carefully study and establish reasonable engineering bidding mechanism, attaches great importance to the major steel structure engineering of industry technology, demonstration, and instructive
3.State and local governments should increase investment in research and development in the field of steel structure, integration of road, form a scientific theory research, technology research and development and the achievement transformation mechanism.
4.The national and local relevant industry associations, registered architect exam center should joint institutions of higher learning to civil engineering and technical personnel to the steel structure engineering design, production and construction aspects of continuing education
5.Reform of the mechanism of industry association, give full play to the industry association in the industry development direction of market and technology aspects of the guiding role. Industry association should organize generic technology research, and give full play to the bridge
6.In the institutions of higher learning civil engineering professional teaching should enhance the proportion of courses about steel structure, for the future of the civil engineering professional and technical personnel to lay a solid  foundation
7.Follow the scientific concept of development, state and local governments should vigorously guide adopts steel structure in construction and civil engineering. The changing market and the owner of the concept, to promote the steel structure applied to remove obstacles thought, establish a correct concept.
8.Applying strong technical policy and market, state and local government should introduce effective incentives to improve the owner by the enthusiasm of steel structure.
To sum up, this is some Suggestions for the development of steel construction industry. Want to make the steel structure industry get better and more long-term development, several Suggestions of clear steel structure.